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Friday, September 26, 2008

another day...

so im going to try and keep this up. i work at kmart so it shouldn't be too know, there's tons of stories everywhere you just have to look. and not too hard either cuz i mean, well, take for instance the average mom. she's great around the house, does most of the shopping, but ends up being completely ignorant to the return policies of her favourite store. ok, so here's the scene. i, the customer service desk associate, have to greet everyone that comes in the door. enter the mom. she's got a friend in tow (as they do if not children) and she'd like to return some clothes. she tells me that she doesn't have the receipt but store credit will be fine. this, however, is not walmart and we do NOT take back everything. when i tell her that without the reciept she's not able to return the product she loses control and flips out. not a quiet one either...

when she simmers, the friend steps in and asks to speak to the manager. once informed that i am the front end manager, she's quiet. they want to know where it's posted about the policy, i point above my head to a GIANT BLUE AND WHITE SIGN. you can't miss it. first line "without a receipt, no refund will be given". funny huh? idiots.

in other news, i've perfected my knitting on the nifty knitter. i am officially a hat making machine and pride myself of that fact. working on another one now actually and prolly going to make a ton more all the way until the knit-a-thon. more on that later. for now my new hat is calling me so tootles.
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