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Saturday, September 27, 2008

waste of and a stitch in time

you know, when you get to work at 11am and you have to be taught something by your manager which takes time and then you're told that you can only work 4 hours total because you're so close to overtime...then you go and do "work" for a mere 2 hours cuz that's all that's feel kinda useless.

that and i pissed off someone important. ugh.

oh well. in other news i've completed two more hats and begun a new pair of socks. my only problem there is that i make it through one and have no desire to create the other. plus, i'm not following a pattern, i make it up as i go, so i usually run into logistic problems when i try new things (like changing needle sizes) or's just one of those things. but i'm pluggin' along. can't wait for the knit-a-thon. 12 hours straight of knitting to raise money for my club so i can knit more for the homeless. i really feel like i'm becoming a part of something. back a few months ago, i decided it was time for me to go back to church. now, i'm not a religious guy. more spiritual than anything else...but i found that i was lacking in faith overall. it helped. i went to the unitarian universalist church and listened to the easter mass. it was great! i felt connected to something for the first time in a very long time. so i went for a couple of weeks and eventually felt better and better. as my life has moved on i've stopped going to church all over again. but that's ok. i feel that it's not necessary to go to a building where everyone says it's a church and this is where we worship. even as a unitarian church there is still the overtones of strict religious practices. i feel that my soul and body make up my temple/church and therefore i am my own religious place.

with all that i needed a way to feel like i was still part of this world. knitting has always brought me close to a lot of interesting people. hell, i held stitch and bitch nights in my college townhouse! im glad for this gift and i encourage anyone to try (i can teach you too!)

a little random and off topic but hey, it's a blog for christ's sakes. lol.
sleep now. tootles!
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