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Monday, September 29, 2008

well so much for that

so i read that the us house didn't pass the $700 billion bail out. ok. so what? so wall street thugs don't get their bonuses. so the ceo's don't get their's either! who cares!? aside from them of course. i mean, the economy needs help but i don't think that was the way to do it.

maybe it's just my ignorance. i don't really know anything about economics. i can't even keep a check ledger. so who am i to say. i personally don't care about that whole thing. although, you guys wanna do another "stimulus package" i'm there! i could use another random $600 check. man, the first one went faster than i could have even imagined!!

of course that leaves us with a falling stock market which i guess affects everyone but i'm not so sure. i live in a pretty decently sized city. we, as townspeople, pay more attention to things like the price of gas and the cost of milk. there's no real push for the whole stock market thing. i haven't heard word one of this until i visited an old friend of mine. (not old as in i haven't seen her in a while, but old as in 81). she was talking about it with my grandfather and i and we just chatted. but it didn't stop me from driving 90-100mph on the highway through rush hour traffic. of course i was wasting gas...but it's down to $3.43! i figured, what the hell. sad though, i remember when i first started driving and it was only $0.86! that's inSANE!

i guess the only image that i have about the failing economy is the old woman who came to my service desk. she went through checkouts and forgot to use her $1 off coupon for a package of toilet paper. no prob. i fixed it. then she leaves and comes back 5 minutes later still miffed cuz the 2 for $10 sale didn't apply to her mega rolls but to the double rolls. well, she was determined to show how stupid i was until i showed her the wall where the doubles were and the wall where the megas were. bottom line, this woman was determined to save just a few dollars on TOILET PAPER!! and i have people bringing back clearance things for as little as $1.60! their favourite phraze is "every little bit helps"... yeah ok lady. well, how much gas did you use to lug yourself and your three rugrats here, the time and energy factor oh and you know you're not gonna get away with leaving without shopping and probably making yourself tired thereby justifying your stopping at mcdonald's cuz you don't want to go home and cook! WTF!

yeah. bail-out. water's leaking in, we don't have a paddle, rocks on either side and you're naked. i dunno.

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