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Thursday, October 16, 2008

couple days go by...

and project runway draws to a close! finally got to watch the finale and boy am i psyched. even just to see christian! *fierce!* man i love that show. makes me want to become a fashion designer. not gonna happen but still. and i'm so glad that kenley didn't win. god she was a bitch.

so related to the fashion world, i've decided to start making my own fashion line. i know that i said i won't be a fashion designer....but hey, coming up with the concept isn't really's just an idea that i've got. more to come on that but i don't wanna release anything until i have some safeties in order. can't have my idea scooped up by someone else now. but i've finished another pair of socks, this time not for warmer winters maybe. i might have to keep these ones. if not for me, they'll definitely be part of my overall concept/design.

and on that note it's bed time. toodles!
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