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Thursday, October 9, 2008


i love life's little curve balls (sometimes). so i totally got into a fight with one of my managers. she had it coming tho. so i let her have it. i won. and i'll have my other managers' support tomorrow after i get a chance to talk to them. ha.

in other news, my sister has to write a paper on catherine the great. there are two methods outlined by the teacher: 1. they find a song pertaining to the individual given or, 2. they write a terza rima about that person. the final piece of the puzzle is you have to explain why they would be put in dante's hell and where... that's actually a bitchin' paper that i wish I got to write. but no. i can of course help but it wouldn't be fair to the other little kiddies to have the big brother with an english degree step in now would it? LOL!

also, english breakfast and earl grey teas are the BOMB!

i guess that's it.
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