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Thursday, October 2, 2008

ok. today i tried a couple of new wines. one from cape cod and one from germany. the one from cape cod was a blush cranberry wine. not truro wine but just as good. so smooth and fruity with just a little bite. the one from germany was a reisling but of a different type. this was not the typical sweet resiling from german grapes. this was a crisp, fruity, VERY sweet wine and it's TOTALLY addictive. could easily drink the WHOLE bottle without a thought. just goes to show my irish heritage.

in other news, kmart still blows. i love all the new problems that i face everyday. lol. and while watching salon takeover on bravo i just learned something really good that i can use at the 'k'.

and now, after only a couple glasses of wine, i'm off for more!
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