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Monday, October 27, 2008

uh, yeah..

so i just got called into work again! oi vey. gotta head home now and change but i figured i'd use some internet from Panera first. like the fire place next to me...nice and warm. keeps the comp warm too. i just hate the stupid fucking filter they have for webpages. like i went to look for Helio Ocean hacks and it blocked half the pages. ugh. oh well...i guess that's a know, family place and all. haha. like i'd be jackin' off in the middle of panera or something! HAHA!!!

in other news, i've finished my first ever knitted toy. it's a penguin. of course. but not just any penguin, a LIME GREEN penguin! it's a little on the fat side but otherwise cute. picture to follow this post. so now it's on to finishing a scarf for my grandmother and then maybe a hat for suzie. gotta find a great pattern. well, the time has come, the walrus said, and with that i'm off to kmart hell.

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