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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

yes yes i know

well it's been a couple of days and what a couple of days it's been.

to start, the knit-a-thon went SOOO WELL!!!!! we got a bunch of people in that we've never seen before, made lots of stuff, raised some money, sang karaoke, ate a bunch of free food and just had a really good time. oh sure, my hand was practically cramped all day the next day but who cares!? for a worthy cause, it was worth the sacrifice.

kmart is going swimmingly. i love customers this time of year. thank god the double coupon thing is over cuz i was ready to kill someone. old ladies are the best. well..some are anyway.

in general life is ok. wish i could pay my bills. they never stop growing sometimes. oh and a touch of arizona has breezed into lemon-town. so that's always interesting.

that's about it.
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