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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

zune 3 update, vermont trip and knitting news!

so for those that care there is a new Zune update! IT FUCKING ROCKS!!!! added functions, games and more. better wireless stuff too!!!! get it at or through your zune software!

ok. so today i went to vermont on a whim with my man. took a turn off of route 2 and ended up just heading farther north. saw turner falls, the connecticut river, some random parts of new hampshire and a LOT of route 119. actually, i think i found my new favourite street for getting lost on. route 119 goes way up into vermont and (i think) into Canada! that's sick. so going there that way some day. good thing vic's got a prius. we drove from leominster, ma, through erving, montague, and north into vermont via route 91, stopped in guilford, headed north into brattleboro, east through new hampshire then onto 119 all the way back into MA through fitchburg and home to leominster. ALL THIS ON 3 GALLONS OF GAS!!!!!!!!!!! god i love that car.

and in knitting news i'm finally almost done a scarf using the knifty knitter. it's taken FOREVER so i recommend AGAINST it if you're thinking about it. save those rings for hats and things, NOT SCARVES!!!! oi vey.

bed time now. gotta go to work tomorrow. yay. <--sarcasm.

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