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Monday, November 17, 2008

blogging is only slightly addictive...

i say slightly because i actually think about it outside of the cyber world. like i'll be doing something and then say to myself "i can't wait to blog about this". silly, but true...the new world that we live in, the "digital generation" is tied almost exclusively to the net or web. seriously. show me a modern cell phone that doesn't have the net (save those jitterbug ones for the old fogies). you can't! this is not to say a bad thing however. i've found that the ability to instantly get directions or find the nearest place to eat very helpful. i have Helio. i have the Helio Mysto and it's an amazing phone! i have an all you can eat plate for the buffet of internet pages and can leisurely check email, watch movies, or whatever and not incurr cost. i remember when i first got a cell phone and just accidentally hitting the "web" button on my kyocera cost a couple of dollars! now for $50 i have unlimited! holy cow!

*speaking of which...helio really needs to get on the ball with the damn new ocean. serously.*

all i'm sayin is that the current generation has it good. i don't care what kind of state the economy is couldn't tell by shopping in a mall and looking at our youth. smothered in "baby phat" and "guess" and jabberin' on the latest and greatest devices from all the carriers...the economy seems to be doing just fine.

time for tea, movie and bed.
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