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Friday, November 14, 2008


ok. only in america could someone like britney spears make a song called womanizer. let's start with the lyrics. the chorus goes something like this:

womanizer woman- womanizer oh
womanizer wo

oh who fuckin' cares. the fact is that she has no song writing talent. well, not none... she did write "Not Yet a Girl" way back in her good days. I have to give it to her a little too cuz her Blackout album was pretty good. but c'mon. and i've had a lot of people tell me that that womanizer thing is actually a good song. no's CATCHY that doesn't make it GOOD. paint it black is GOOD, stairway to heaven is GOOD, mmbop is CATCHY but not really GOOD. people have no taste.

btw, i really love refusing refunds. i love the people who come in with a predetermined notion that we just take back everything like WalMart does and give out store credit like it's candy. i fuckin' love those people. they like to come in and say things like "i don't need a receipt because it's an even exchange" and i get to turn around a crush them with "yes you do." HEH! take that soccer moms. you've bought the wrong size shoes with cash and you threw away the receipt. please tell me that you're never coming back because as god as my witness i bet i'll be seeing you again sooner than you think! i mean, we're the only store around open at 7am and until 10pm....EVERYDAY! so there. i bet you won't be back. yeah.

just thought i'd throw that in there for a little humour.
ok. sleepy now.
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