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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

yeah, it's been a little while

oh well....
but you know, life tends to be kinda confusing and throwing curve balls and things like you'll just have to deal.

christmas is almost here! well, not really, but since i've been listening to the music since november 1st, i feel like it's already here. the madness starts tomorrow when we open an hour late just because the damn flier says 8-12 door buster deals. i think that's dumb. but we get them tomorrow and they won't be back on friday. oi vey. in at 545am! ugh. but i'm bringing my camera so i can capture the insanity on film and have to cherish. i'm thinkin' that this will be the last year i'm in retail hell. next year it's gonna be all about a corporate job.

now it's off to design some webpages.
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