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Thursday, February 19, 2009

enjoying the quiet..

you know the saying "while the cat's away, the mice will play"? yeah, so, the fam's gone for the week. just me and my sis chillin' and keeping the house up. not so much "play". now, i'm not saying that i stay in every night and that i haven't had fun, but at the same time the most "play" we've done is getting a little drunk last night. other than's quiet. i've spent a lot of time applying for jobs online and typing out cover letters. oi. i've done NO knitting even...which i'm actually mad at myself for (<--hanging prep!) i think i've turned into an old man. lol. but whatever. work tomorrow should be interesting seeing as i'm only going in for 6 hours. i really hate short shifts.

funny bit: was riding in the "death rocket" today and came up behind a Hum-V. you know, the really big ones. across the rear window is the phrase "i get a HUMMER everyday". hilarious. made my smile. made my sister freak out. lol.

now it's time for kindergarten cop and dinner. tootles.
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