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Saturday, February 21, 2009

An interesting customer

Ok, had a woman come in today and return a car seat. After explaining that she didnt need it she went on to say the reason. This was most discomforting. She says that since she lost the baby it wouldnt be necessary. Now, yes we processed the transaction but was the sob story needed. No. Further, she purchased it using her H&R block debit card. It was explained that the $ would go back onto the card. She accepted and it was done. When she called back she asked to speak to me. She then proceeded to berate me about how the money wasnt there. I explained how it would take a couple fo days and she was back into story mode. This is what she told me: "I am very upset. I needed that money today to finish making funeral arrangements and needed that. Now i have to wait and they're creamating my son tomorrow." REALLY?! Ok, then how did you get out of the hospital? They usually keep mothers for grief couselling and physical watch. Also, the $70 of the car seat is hampering all your funeral arrangements which you were using your tax refund for any way?? The woman was convinced that if she just me one more thing i was going to be able to change something. Dumb shit.
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