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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New interestingness...

Ok, so another dumb shit crossed my path today. This woman was right up there with the fake-dead baby chick. Just so everyone knows, worcester region is NOT doubling coupons! Ive had to answer that question way more than necessary. Seriously. And this chick takes the cake. Not only did she come to our store 3 times and get the same answer, today was #4 and she actually got to the manager. Now its fine that the manager made the decision to doulbe her past used coupons and give her some money. Thats on the manager when corporate sees the transaction...but when the dumbshit woman hands me the flyer and tells me thats she got it from the boston globe i have to hold myself from jumping over the counter. Even after explaining that the two major area papers had no such flyer she still didnt get it. This is one of those hardcore consumer activist types believing that the customer really is always right (when thats so not true) and pushed the issue so hard that my manager buckled. Its not about customer satisfaction at that point. Its about adhering to a policy. Its not about "not getting complaints" in fact a complaints is what is needed here. The policy is wrong! We need a change. Who better to answe that than corporate after a complaint. The manager should have put her foot down and told the customer exactly what we did and didnt honour. This wasnt a regular. This was someone who got a hold of that flyer and wanted her way. Period.

Its those people that should be lined up and shot. Dumbshits.


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