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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our living arrangements...

So I live on a nice quiet street that has quite a past so say our neighbours. First, the past. According to some of our next doors the upper half of our street was at arms with the lower half. As in, there were constantly cops at the upper end and none on the lower. Yay drug houses. Thankfully, all that has been cleaned up but stories remain.

Second, we have some ace neighbours. Across the street we have "mad mike". Mike lives alone and has some very peculiar habits. For instance, he will come out of his house, paper in hand, and proceed to sit in his car to read the entire paper. Other times there are carsfull of mid-twenty year old guys going into his house for hours at a time. Now the man is not overly attractive leading me to believe that he is not gay. I'm thinking something illegal but who knows.

Then we have "icky eric". He's the weird ├╝ber natural guy living behind us who is bound and determined to create a vernal pool in his backyard even though he has been told that it's not possible. We have a pair of fruitcake newlyweds across the street that have no concept of how to care for their dog or their yard. To the left of us is the woman who has herself as her own best friend. Talks up a storm but only to herself. Oh! And their is also the older woman who is hard of hearing and sits on her screened in porch listening to her tv loud enough to hear down the street.

So there you have it. I have a great little neighbourhood. It's fun....sometimes.

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