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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ahh the joys of Christmas

So a couple nights ago my mother texted me. I love that. It's like a sound blast from across the room. Side note: I have my text notification sound set as the Wii Home Button noise. It's a soft and gentle ding-ding that gets your attention without being ridiculous.

Anyway, I get a text from mother dear. Now, I will say that it's never just A text. It's usually some kind of short novel within which contains some kind of relevant information or a question. My mom has Verizon and can thus send "bulk" messages. In case you don't know what that means, it's basically that she can send as long of a text as she wants. Verizon people read it as its original form, but me on Sprint, well I get about a dozen or so texts broken into 160 character chunks.  Sometimes, and this is my favourite, they come in out of order and it's like a little puzzle to add the words back together to figure it out. Joy.

After the third message I got up off my ass and checked my phone. Yup, as I figured, they were from my mom.  Really it was a short "message" but the text said otherwise. Message: We're having more christmas in a week.

Ok, gotcha. No problem. EXCEPT that there will be people there that are giving me things and others there that have already gotten things from me. Which means I need to make two more gifts in a week! UGH! Just when I got myself all scheduled with knitting a projects...gaahhh...

The good news was that I had random yarn that I had no idea what to do with. Borne from that was the Drop Stitch scarf for one gift (for my cousin):

Then I needed to get the one done for my aunt. I originally wanted to make a cowl but I was having a hard time picking out yarn. Then I remembered our storage space. So I went to my other TOTE of yarn and dug around. In the bottom were four, yes FOUR, skeins of Bohemian from Patton. I don't think they make it anymore but it is the SOFTEST acrylic/polyester blend I have ever felt!  And they were all the same colour & dye lot! ZOMG!

So now I'm on my 3rd skein, a cowl that's been frogged twice, but it's coming out nicely. I was going to take a picture on my way out the door but I forgot so maybe later when I get it done.  Which means that since Saturday when I got the "book text" as I call them, I've started and just nearly completed the two projects that I'll need to survive Christmas Saturday this week. Whew!

What a way to start the week!

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