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Monday, January 30, 2012

#DDA Adventures and other, well, less happy things..

Wow what a weekend. Saturday wasn't much of anything to speak of but the yesterday: Whoa!

Saturday I did, however, get my newest slouchy hat done. Which means I now have two (three).  The "third" one is my GINORMOUS orange one that literally weighs a metric tonne. It's warm, yes, but unless it's snow, I won't be wearing it. I'm actually contemplating frogging the whole thing and repurposing the yarn but that won't be anytime soon. I also spent a good chunk of Saturday cleaning and bitching to Comcast about the internet speeds I was NOT getting.  They made some "adjustments" on their end and it seems to be better. Time will tell.

Yesterday = FUN ...then, not so much fun.

First was a fabulous round of Dim Sum with the #DDA (Sarah and Christi). Then we headed back to my place to knit the day away whilst watching Resident Evil (c'mon Zombies & knitting is a match made in heaven - almost as good as Hoarders and Knitting). Anyway, we had a wonderful time and caught up on our lives.

As they were leaving, my mom called with my aunt in tow and asked to stop by. Of course I said yes. Unfortunately, they parked in a spot that was poorly signed and should have been a visitor spot and their car was towed. Which is crap and we're going back to the management company to sort out. I'm hoping everything goes well with that.

And that's about it! The KAL that I'm hosting/leading starts on Wednesday (#WIPWednesday to be precise) and I think I'll be visiting my Worcester knitters since I haven't seen them in FOREVER and I miss them!! And thanks to Kristina for showing me another fine pattern that I actually just got yarn that would be perfect for which I clearly have to cast on. Pictures soon!!


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