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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Warning: Rant

Today it took me an hour and a half to get to work. Now, normally it takes about an hour. Still a long commute but only made longer by the people on the road. Let me explain:

This morning I woke up and looked outside like always. Much to my chagrin, there was a coating of snow on the ground. Now, I've lived here all my life (hear being the Northeast) so I'm not terribly bothered by any amount of snow. Further, it's January 10th and frankly, snow was due a month ago.  So after I put some clothes on I went to my balcony and took some pictures. My phone has a "panoramic" mode so I used that for this:

I came back inside and started my day. I even had time to make a sandwich on the way out! Go me!

I hit 93 south just as always and it was perfectly normal. I expected worse and was delighted that it was moving at a fantastic pace. Then I got to 95 north. Looking ahead, the traffic seemed to come to a stop. I did notice that there was an undercover cop and a statie on the road with the commuters but that would only slow things down, not bring them to a halt. 

After my 11th round with stop and go traffic, I got off the highway that I know and onto a road that just went "west". That's where I needed to go so I figured it would be ok. Yeah, it wasn't fantastic. Took me way out of the way but I was moving at a GREAT speed so I thought it would be ok. Then I realized why I didn't like those kinds of roads....the people on them.  I got behind EVERY brand new Mercedes and Lexus between Quincy and Framingham.  Route 9 wasn't any better with trucks and idiots....

Bottom line? I ended up at work 30min late. So what? Nothing.  My company is great so they understand, it just sucks.  Oh oh...and when I got to work, I knocked over my large Dunkin's coffee and I hadn't even had ONE drink from it yet!!!

UPDATE: as of 12:39pm, I've learned that my watch has stopped. Getting better every minute...

whew...i feel a little better now...
need to get some work done. bah.

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