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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Really? I'm blogging every day now? Yeah, that won't last. But I do like this #WIPWednesday thing so that's where this will shine.

As you have all been following my mayhem, I started and completed two completely unplanned projects over the weekend. Thus I am now back on schedule. Monday was Vic's Tie, yesterday was Clapotis which will last til Thursday. Friday is Vic's Tie again. Over the weekend, I'm hoping to tackle my Jacket but who knows.  I'm really trying to be good about this whole scheduling thing. It's "working" in a sense but I REALLY want to make my Clapotis all the time. LOL.

I think the hardest part is knowing when I'm going somewhere and there's going to be just time waiting for whatever the reason. The portable, small project is something that I want to just whip out and start working on. I don't have any of those right now except Vic's Tie which is fingering weight yarn and a size C hook. Not easy to just blaze out some rows of that since I'm wanting this to be a wearable tie to work for him.

No, I have to just wait and be complacent with fiddling around on my phone and talking to Vic or whatever. It's worse when I'm alone and waiting for anything. My fingers just get itchy to be doing something, making something. Ok..that's enough of that.

Clapotis status: Started third colour (burnt orange). Looks great:

Beyond that, I have nothing to report. LOL.

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