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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Well after much debate, I have decided to continue on the square path and make the tablecloth I originally planned on. Square number one is nearly done and it's pretty freakin' big! I really only think I'll have to make a dozen of these or so.

#herringbonecowl is coming along. It's been a crazy couple of days so the portability of the crochet versus the cowl has made it difficult to work on.

My jacket is still half-edged and sitting in a crate on the floor of the living room. Still going on that, just taking my time. Once the edging is done, it's only sleeves left!

Clapotis has basically been forgotten but is still wanting to get done! Will probably touch that this weekend.

If you've been following me, I've listed another shawl on my Etsy page. I'm really trying to make this work for me but it's giving me a lot of anxiety. Don't want to charge too much, want to make sure the quality is there, trying not to stress about it. These are all exactly the reasons that I don't sell more stuff. It's just too hard for me. I like making stuff and just giving it to the person that likes it the most. I don't need money for it especially if I used acrylic. Maybe I'll feel differently once I have no more acrylic to use, but for now, I don't really care.

Today's project, if I get away from my desk at all, will be my cowl. I really should get some more rounds done...


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