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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#WIPWednesday and other tales!

Another Wednesday!! This one though, I'm working late and it's a bear...but it's a once in a while thing so I can deal.

In knitting news, I've gone CRAZY for projects. My Ravelry queue is down to about 10 items but I have at least 6 in progress and I get new ideas everyday.  My next one is to start a tiny shawl for myself since I have one from a swap that I adore. I've also started Vic's Bajan hat - seen here in pieces:

I've also been designing fun things for my Etsy shop ( and have come up with some pretty interesting concepts that will show themselves gradually over time. The first one was completed just yesterday and listed promptly. You can see it here:

This one was really kind of fun and I just did it off the top of my head. I love the little I-Cord touches that make it really...well, weird! I just love the idea of being completely and utterly free with my designs. And if no one buys it, well then I'll have a fabulous scarf to wear this summer! LOL

Oh...this is the scarf(lette?) that I was talking about earlier that I'm going to model my next mini-shawl off of:

I have some really funky sock yarn on its way so I'm thinking that with it's variety of colours, one skein and some needles, I'll make something that's close to this. Oh and I have to give a shout out to a couple of my G+ followers who gave some really great shawl starting tips. I just can't link them in Blogger yet cuz Google is busy fighting off the dogs of Apple. Grr....

Okies, that's all for now chickies and gents!

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