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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Good morning Pleeps!!

Thus begins the February KAL: Herringbone Cowl!!

I've cast on (200sts) and completed round one. Round two is VERY tricky but it's doable. It took me a couple times reading the instructions, watched my needles and stitches very carefully. Here's what I've gotten so far:

The hardest part of round two is that each stitch has two parts: the twist and then the knit. I will tell you that with 200sts, it's like knitting 400sts since you have to work them "twice". Makes for tedious knitting. BUT, I think that a month's time will definitely be enough to get this done so long as I'm diligent on working on it. That's what I'm counting on from all of you in the KAL!! LOL!

In other news, and I might be jinxing this, but Torchwood is still on Netflix!! Which means that I can continue to watch episodes.  I'm nearly done the first season but I'm not logging out of the PS3 until I know that if I log back in, those episodes will still be there! LOL

Ok, I need to get to work. Knitting later today! Anyone with questions on the pattern can certainly hit me up on G+ or twitter:


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