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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wow..what a day. Haven't really had any time to myself so no blogging yet. Thankfully I'm on lunch now so I get a moment for myself!

Finished my second Block of the Month square for Feb! Here's both squares:

Very bright colours this month. I'm going to try to keep each pair the same colours so that I can remember which square are "together". I don't actually care, though. This is just a way for me to use up my acrylic stash and make a swanky blanket for Vic.

Progress on my Clapotis has pretty much come to a stand still. I have the Herringbone cowl with me all this week and that's my goal: to get more done!

Then there's my jacket, which are like Yonit's socks, perpetually unfinished. Some day, though, dammit! I did pick up another skein of the tan that I need so I know that I can get the sleeves done. Just need to start them! Still need to bind off the bottom edge too. Yes...I know...

Then there's Vic's tie which has only just barely been started. And I found a half-completed tri-shawl that should probably take me 5min to complete if I just sat down and did it. LOL. OH, but I did make the Shroom hat which can be seen here:

and the pattern can be found here:

If any crocheters are into Blocks of the Month, you should check out the Ravelry group here:

Ok, that's it for now!

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