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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well, well, well.... (that's three holes in the ground). It's been an interesting week thus far. My commute sucks and I'm kind of over it but I'm trudging on. BUUUT, that's not the reason for this post!

Wow...I have a TON of shit going on. No, really. I have had a bit of "startitis" in the past couple of weeks and although I started and completed a mini-shawl in one weekend, it's not really helping the other 6 projects that I have going. AND I nearly started another one last night! Dear Jessus...

Really though, I feel like I've at least been productive:

Self-designed Mini-shawl

Vic's "Bajan Pride" Hat

Irish Sunshine Scarf

ALL of these were completed in the past week! I'm pretty stoked about that. AND, tonight I'm going to the knit night in Worcester so I get so see all my gal excited!! I just hope that loser with the guitar isn't there. Otherwise I'm going to have to cut out early. Some how he thinks that moaning into a mic for two hours is "music".


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