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Friday, April 27, 2012

#FOFriday: blogged!

I believe one of my Gplus buddies said something to me about spoiling the surprise for FO Friday. Well, I knew I would be making more things! WASHCLOTHS!! Never have I made this many in one week or at one time. I have a VERY short pair of size 8 needles that fit perfectly in my little project bag. One skein of cotton makes one cloth with some left over so I start the next one then just combine with the next colour I pick! Simple. Here they are..

 There's also a third one in progress. Very pretty green twisty kind of yarn. I like it. Here's that one:

But really? That's it! Just those since Monday. This weekend I'll be tackling some crochet projects that need doing. I've been a little needle happy the past couple of weeks and those blocks for Vic's blanket aren't going to complete themselves!

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