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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#WIPWednesday : BLOGGED!

No, ok...seriously. I have only been working on one project for the past few days. I started this last Friday and when I'm not at work, and not reading "Mockingjay", I'm working on it. One of my coworkers came to me with a question:

"Hey Patrick, how long would it take and how much would you charge to make a sweater, hat and booties for my niece's baby due May 9th?"
To which I replied: "Whew!" LOL
After some discussion, we agreed that I would come in on Monday with ideas and pricing for the pieces. Well, I had already come up with an idea AND the yarn by Friday but she wasn't in. So, being that I'm usually good with colours and patterns, I just went ahead with what I had picked out. I couldn't believe that I actually still had acrylic yarn left in my stash as I've been purging it out pretty quickly but I found four skeins of Red Heart Soft in Fuchsia.

It was very soft so I figured what the hell. Then I got my little baby knit book. This book is from 1968 and chuck full of vintage patterns that are just wonderful to knit! The best part is that this book was actually free from the Holden Recycling Centre a couple of years ago! Here's the book:

That's the Book and the Pattern that I chose. I will be typing out the pattern for the Ravelry database as I think it doesn't need to be lost in time! So this pattern calls for chunky yarn, but the yarn I found was worsted (really it knits as sport though)..... THEN DOUBLE IT!!!

With two strands held together and size 11 needles, this is what I've got so far:

TADA!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE this stitch, it works up fast and is super textured for baby. Also, with the two strands of this yarn, it is SOOO SOOOOFT!!! I can't wait to get this done and put buttons on it. Then there's booties and I've found this pattern on Ravelry which I think will go well. I'm going to incorporate the jacket's stitch into the leg/cuff of them however which will take some planning but I think I can do it:

In other news, I had a FABULOUS Easter. My family came down to Vic and I, brought the food already cooked and we were able to have a stress free day.  After food, we went to the beach. It was a little blustery but Squantum Park was nice and then Wolaston beach was ok too. My 'rents brought the dog along as well and he had a ball in the water. Pictures:
My parents and Bailey ( phone's camera sucks..)

Boston Skyline from Squantum

Vic and Ashton (youngest sister)

So that's about it! Knit night tonight will probably yield a completed hoodie at least. Then it's time to start the booties!!

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