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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#WIPWednesday :: BLOGGED!

Wow. Haven't blogged in a bit so I figured this was the perfect opportunity. It's a "less" busy day at work so I actually get a chance to breathe and type this thing out!

I have a TON of projects going (not really but there's a few). I have a tendency to make myself "overwhelmed" and then steadily work through all the projects to completion and produce a stack of finished products. I know, I'm weird.

So in no particular order:

Been working on this one for a while but it's been in hibernation. I'm thinking this will be my vacation project.

This is in Noviembre Malabrigo. Love this knit but I've been working on other things. Still, it's my goal to finish this sooner rather than later.

Dragonfly Tablecloth
This is kind of a pride of mine as this will be for my mom for Christmas. I'm well into the pattern now and taking my time. This needs to come out perfect! It's about 4' wide, the length is TBD.

Circular Motion Sweater
Done in superwash merino (instead of cotton), this is my most recent project. I really, really love the way this is coming out. I had to change/combine different sections of directions to account for my long arms and skinny torso.  The blue point is basically at my waist line then I need to fill in the triangle to make it squared off.  I'll be adding a couple rows of brown at the bottom just for kicks and possibly making this a cardigan with a zipper instead of making it a pullover. We'll see. I still need to make the entire other half so I have a bit to go. But, this has all been done in less than a week! I started last Thursday! Rocket crochet!! HAHA.

Ok...whew...that's what's going on right now. I've got washcloths on standby for when I don't feel like working on any of the above. Then I have days where no needlework gets done at all and I read. Still relaxing either way.


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