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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Morning Epiphany

I just realized that I have a TON of crocheting to do. Apart from my sweater (again, going to finish this today dammit), I've got 6 blocks to make for my afghan, and the filet crochet tablecloth for my mom. Lest we forget the knitting projects that are pending/started...

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with my WIP's but then I just pick one up and keep going. Coworkers tell me that I shouldn't stress out about my "relaxing activities". I think that yes, I'm a little stressed, but is it something that I need to worry about? No. I think it's a healthy kind of stress. The need to finish what I've started, the desire to create. It's not that I'm going to lose sleep if I don't finish my sweater today (though I might think about it).

When I'm at work, there's deadlines and timelines and tasks that need "immediate attention" or the world will melt. I know, I'm in IT. But when I'm yarning (my word - encompasses both knitting and crocheting), there's a sense of enjoyment. Like reading a good book and wanting one more page or chapter, or a great video game where you "just need to get to a save point". Yarning for me is that same quest, to create something beautiful as a gift or even just for myself. The "stress" that goes along with that is like Miley Cyrus said "the climb". (yes, I just quoted Miley Cyrus. I'm gay, ok?) Once I'm wearing my newest scarf, sweater, gloves, hat, whatever...or I'm holding the finished object in my hands, that sense of accomplishment cannot be beat.

So the next person that tells you that you have too many projects going, you need to relax in your hobby, etc. Ask them if they've finished their book. Ask them to stop whatever is makes them happy because they might be "stressed" doing it. There are two kinds of stress, bad and good. Bad is the one that's place on us by others, good is the one where we push ourSELVES and make things happen.

Make things happen, Pleeps!
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