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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#WIPWednesday: Blogged

Hey Yarnies!

I'm so excited for the things I get to talk about! In the past few days I've learned to dye yarn with Kool-Aid, knit an entire baby set and started other things... what else is new?! LOL.

The yarn dyeing was certainly the most fun! The #DDA had a blast and the results were amazing:

Ice Blue Lemonade!
The Outcome..
The one on the left is the nearly 400yds of Chroma (Bare) fingering weight floating in a pot of Ice Blue Lemonade Kool-Aid. I was hoping for something amazing and....

Then this happened->

Though wet, the colours were so amazing!!

After it dried, I was able to get it into a wound cake and you can really tell the variegation! I bound up the yarn with rubber bands in the pot of water which, like in tie dyeing, created the big white spots. I think the results are fantastic and I couldn't wait to cast something on with it.


I did. Of COURSE I did!


Ok, well, it's not all THAT impressive yet but look at the colours!! So soft and subtle. Loving the way that the blues are coming through.

The baby set I mentioned was started on Friday night. I finished the very last bit of the blanket yesterday morning. The hat & booties though were done by Saturday. They're for a coworker's baby boy that's due in October:

The blanket still needs to have the ends woven but I'll do that later...

Baby Dylan is going to be nice and warm!!

As for other WIP's, I've got my mom's tablecloth out again. After cranking out the baby set, I need to get back to Xmas knitting! I'm also going to make something to give to the tattoo artist that's doing my ink in September. Cannot wait for that!!

I need to get back to Ashton's shawlette too.. whew, I have a lot of work to do. Someone remind me that this is a "relaxing" hobby. HAHA. I jest. Honestly, I love the feeling of giving someone something handmade. It's special, it's unique. And I like the compliments, not going to lie. Makes me feel good and I know the recipient is sincere.

Take care, yarnies!!
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