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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Wow...2012. What a year. I can't remember a lot but there's been some pretty nice things that have happened. Most importantly, as of today (12/20/2012) I have completed 100 projects this year!!!!


You can see my Rav projects page here: if you want the proof but still. A hundred projects?! HOLY CRAP! First one was completed 2/13/12. I don't remember why I didni't make anything before that but I do know that at that time I was recently unemployed and rather depressed. Once I found the Hook 'n' Needlers of Worcester, my knitting really took off!

Completed 2/13/12
Completed 12/19/12

Originally I was going to post pictures going all the way back to the beginning but I don't really want to at this point. I have Ravelry for that! LOL. Really I am prepping for my next big goal that makes Ravelers cringe: making all the things in my queue.

Yes, three days ago, I came to the conclusion that I was going to "make my queue". I sat for about an hour, went through my queue project by project and really came up with a concise list of 47 projects that I really wanted to make. I figured that few people had ever done such a thing as to knit all the items in their queue so here was my chance at doing something cool. My 2012 goal was to knit 100 projects and I'm going to beat that again later today when I finish the hat I'm working on. But the "make my queue" project is going well so far!!!

The rules are as follows (but I made them for myself and feel that bending them is ok...)
1. Knit/crochet the next project at the top of your queue
2. Do NOT give up unless the pattern is completely hopeless
3. Do NOT add anything to your established queue. Once you start, no more deletes or adds!
4. You can still buy yarns or patterns but they can't make it to your queue (see 3)
5. KEEP GOING!!! Start more than one. Don't jump around, go in order! Keep yourself motivated by looking at the number of patterns going down.

The thing is, most people that are on Ravelry, myself included, have always just added things to their queues and said I'll make that some day. Well that day is here!! It's time to take those queues by their horns and tackle them to the ground. No longer will you feel oppressed by the ever-growing list of  to do! YOU WILL DO IT!!

Well that's my goal anyway. I'm already on the second of those projects so I'm hoping to be down to 45 today. That's going to be a bigger project so it'll take some time.

More as it progresses!!!

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