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Saturday, December 29, 2012

#MakeMyQueue: Week 2... also Christmas

Week two, as most of the world knows, was also Christmas week. While Project #MakeMyQueue is still going strong, it was difficult finding time to knit while gorging on holiday foods, opening presents and getting drunk. My holiday was filled with family and laughter and my mom's amazing cooking which came out fantastic despite not having a stove in the house. Thank the heavens for wonderful neighbours!!!



The two projects I'm working on right now are Bolting and Metalouse. Bolting is leftover from previous WIP's and Metalouse is the next project in queue. Going through my queue, I'm realizing that there are a LOT of shawls! While this isn't necessarily a problem, it will significantly slow down my wiping out the list.

But I think that will reflect positively in the finished pieces. I'm going to take my time and let them just happen. I don't have a need to crank out projects at lightning speed. I know that if I wanted to, I could. I've already done 100+ projects over the course of 2012!

2013 is going to be a "me" year. While I still plan on knitting and crocheting like a crazy person, there are certain areas of my life that need reinforcement i.e. job, personal, etc. Giftmas always seems to be a burden and I think next year everyone's going to get either the same thing or something small. That will allow me to focus on my projects and then also my life. We knitters need a break every now and again and I think that time for me is now. The things I make will probably be mostly for me and my store. The store is going to be a bigger priority and I think I'll be designing more as well!

This is exciting and scary at the same time.... so bear with me but it's going to be a great New Year!

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