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Sunday, January 13, 2013

#MakeMyQueue Weeks 3 & 4: Flu, New Years, Flu...

The beginning of Week 3 was a bit of a mess. Between New Year's and Vic getting sick, knitting happened while at the hospital waiting for his tests. I worked mostly on Bolting as I really wanted to get that done. Now that it is, I can move forward with Project: Make My Queue.

Bolting, blocking

Me rocking Bolting in its enormity!

Then, as Vic's illness began to subside, I got the flu. After a trip to the ER, I got the meds I needed and slowly recovered. Of course, being sick basically sucks the life out of you and I had NO drive to knit or crochet at all. I did cast on a project but after the first 100 stitch chain, I put it down and never picked it back up. LOL

So Week 3 was a bust...but we move on. Week 4 was a LOT more productive since I took a couple extra days from work and focused on some of my goals. Yes, MakeMyQueue was important but I also have an unruly stash that needed to be reorganized. This task started with the purge of the closet to the living room floor. I needed to visually take in how much yarn I have.

Whew, yarn stash (just the non-acrylics!!)

Next was deleting my entire stash from Ravelry and starting over. Skein by skein, new pictures, listings, details were added to the online database. Now, with just over 70 entries, I've gotten a bit in...but I have a LOOONG way to go. Until I'm done, the floor looks like a ball pit of yarn!

The rest of Week 4 shifted back to my queue. Now that I've seen some of the forgotten yarns, I was able to use up some that had previously no purpose. The results? Two more projects off the queue.

First was Ovate ( called for Malabrigo Rasta which I did not have. I substituted 4 skeins of Cascade Nikki (held double) to make this:

I really like the pooling that happened even with two strands held together! Never thought it would come out so well.

Then, just finished, is the Nala Slouchy (

While this was an easy pattern, the band construction was terrible. Also, the pattern was written rather poorly and I had to add an extra 12 stitches at the beginning just to make it fit. I think I'm going to stick to top-down hats as they seem to fit better. I'll wear this tomorrow as it's going to be a bit warmer so I won't need something super heavy but it is not my favourite hat. The yarn is Bernat Mosaic and for an acrylic, it's super soft and look at the colours!!! Noro much?!

Well that's it for now! I've started Chadwick and Metalouse but I'm not gung-ho about them just yet. Eventually I'll get them done. For now I'm having too much fun eliminating things from the list!!


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