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Friday, October 4, 2013

Em-KAL-CAL-Tober Fest Update!

This month has been rather insane with projects...but that's not going to stop me!!

/Begin RANT
What IS going to stop me is a particular Raveler who is taking far too great an interest in every single person's project. This person has been trolling the 114 projects that are participating in the MKAL and making sure no one has posted pictures. I know this because she messaged me directly asking me to remove the picture. I simply responded with 'removed' and left it at that. I'm not happy about my decision but it's Ravelry and I don't want issues.

A few minutes later I got another message. Just a quick 'Thank you' in reply to my previous message. I thought, ok, fine. Done. But I was also thinking that I would probably put my photo back up. Here's the thing.. yes, I know it's a Mystery knit a long, but you've given us a pattern already. Moreover, you gave us a CHART of that pattern. AND the instructions tell you to use that chart over and over until you get to 56"! So... the pattern is basically known. The only part you're saving is the stupid 4" edging which, frankly, I don't care. If you want it to be some big secret, don't give a chart. That's the only way to make it unknown. 

After the last email I assumed that was it. Eventually I'd put my photo up anyway (not sharing to the group, mind you) and finish the project. Not so. This Raveler took it upon herself to message me again giving a dramatic reason why I was to take my photo down and then give me advice about my colour choices and placement. Uh, really?! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL! GO AWAY!

So, fuck you "stitchnerds", I'm all set. Project frogged, group unjoined. I don't feel that micromanaging over a hundred people and their projects is right. If Stephen West doesn't care, you shouldn't either.

Ok, so today I'm working on the #SWMKAL13 since the last clue came in last night!! I got the first three rows done and cannot wait for the bind off. He gave us three that he thought we'd like but I don't really like any of them, so I'll be using Jenny's super stretchy bind off instead. 

I feel a little better...but the knowledge that I'm probably going to get messaged by her again is grating on me. I've deleted my own posts in her group but I don't know if she gets some kind of notification of that. Given her track record of trolling, I would imagine that she's going to go to my project page and see her's removed and wonder why. Gah.
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