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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Ok, so this isn't  ...more like  ...

Tripartite: need to cast on side #2
Scallop Hat: Started last night, through one repeat of the pattern; needs 4 more and decreases.
Chadwick: This is for #ChadwickKAL and is getting cast on today...
#SWMKAL13: I still need to finish clue 3.... but it's getting shorter. I'm hoping maybe today, if I can hide out from work someplace..
Lonely Yarn MKAL: Really? I'm going to start another MKAL???? (DAMN YOU +Fiber Babble )

....NONE of that is crochet. You know, the craft where you can get shit done really fast? Yeah, that. Nope. All knitting. I'm running out of needles...

Oh wait, I did start Geoui. But I don't really like it as much as I thought I was going to. It's coming out a little too feminine and I already know it won't block out like I want either. 

Let's see... pictures?

Scallop Hat from last night..
What will eventually be Chadwick by Stephen West

Ok, I said in a comment on a post, I have STARTITIS. I just want to knit EVERYTHING and my fingers actually twitch at the thought of time with my needles. Crocheting right now just doesn't seem plausible. I've got #Rhinebeck coming up with +Sara Marks in October, too! Whew. Someone save me from myself..

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