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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#WIPWednesday :: Blogged!

See, I told you, I'd post about my WIP's... lol. There are quite a few though:

1. All the Shades of Truth ( I actually call this one All the Shades of Blue for...well, obvious reasons. I've been working on this one for a while...really should get back to it.

2. Olan ( Technically I'm in the homestretch... but I really need to get back to this one, too. It's about time I finished this one.

3. Tripartite ( 50% done. This is a project that should be done for Spring/Summer since that's when I'll wear it. 

4. Dublin Cap ( Yeah... barely started. Lowest on the list, for now.

5. Chadwick ( Don't even get me started. I wanted to do this one over October but didn't, wanted to get it done since then, and didn't. It's pretty sad...but true.

6. Batad ( Started this not too long ago. Theoretically I could finish this before Christmas. Just need to not work on anything else... You know, this list is getting a little long...

The Cheerios container has my stitch markers in it.
7. Vic's Sweater ( THIS needs to get done for Christmas. I'll be casting on the second sleeve today so that I can then do the collar and get this damn thing put together!

Missing from picture: Sleeve 1
8. Old Forge ( Last but not least! This is the youngest of the projects. Now that it's finally on a circular needle, I should be able to make better headway on it. Sweater first though!

Well... I think that's enough. Time to cast on that sleeve, methinks!!

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