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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finish or Frog It?!

Well, after asking, the consensus (all of the two replies) was to make a blog post. So here are the "question mark" projects that I can't decide on..

1. Olan.
Olan is a wonderful pattern. The details are subtle and I like the slip stitches. However, I bought this yarn at the WEBS Tent Sale last year. I cast on right away and made some quick progress...but there are some issues. Some mistakes. I know precisely where they are and that kind of bugs me.

On the other hand, I've cut into that tan yarn and I really like this colour combo. If I frog it, that yarn will likely not be used right away and probably irritate me. It's a wonderfully soft fiber and I'd love to wrap this thing around my neck some day... You can see my dilemma, but I'll take popular opinion at this point:

2. Chadwick.
Ok, so the story goes like this. Chadwick is a Stephen West pattern. I adore nearly all his designs and this is no exception. This one uses slip stitches too and was re-started around the same time as Olan. This was also the second attempt on this pattern as the first one's colour combination was...less than brilliant. Again, I bought the yarn for this specifically at the last Tent Sale and the two colours together work well. The thing is, I don't know if I "feel" this project anymore. The feeling I get when I look at it is one of disappointment.

To further said disappointment, I even got it as a KAL in a community on Google+. While there were a couple that finished it ( +Cailin MacKay ) , I never did. I didn't get much farther than I had already...and that made/makes me sad. To that end, I'd almost like to keep it "hanging around" for when I feel like overcoming that bit of sadness... but then, there are other things I'd REALLY like to be working on, too. Halp?!:

3. Old Forge.
Another Stephen West pattern (gee, really?). This was started on a whim after I got all that lace from KP. I don't think I'd feel too bad about frogging this one and I know I could use those yarns in something else (way down the line)...

I do want to make this pattern though and lace would look all sorts of amazing...:

4. Two at a Time Socks.
These were supposed to be a Christmas present TWO YEARS ago... but I only got to this point and put them down/away. I've already thought of how I could finish these into matching wristers (my word) but I don't know. There's a VERY obvious mistake on one of them but the yarn is discontinued Moda Dea and it's really lovely. I have a couple more balls of it so maybe frogging this completely and making something else isn't such a bad thing? I'll take your thoughts.:

So that's it! Just four. I have a couple obvious frogs so I'll be ripping those out today. And I have a couple obvious finishers that I'll be holding onto (Viajante, Tripartite, Cushy Tushy, and my two FYAMKAL's).

Thoughts/comments very much welcome!!

After contemplation, staring, thinking, etc... I decided to just FROG EVERYTHING!! I have all of this yarn now to put away but I feel a LOT better about what needs to be done. I even frogged my Cushy Tushy pants but I'm casting them back on right now. Just a matter of my not being happy with the short rows. That and I wanted to change up the colours.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Woot a post!

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog entry. Lots, not actually happened. I think the most important thing that's happened is that I've been give contracts to craft! Two, so far, and both for crochet. After the first one I thought I could put away my hooks for a while...but that only last a couple of days. Then I got the second one. Well, I had to get a new hook for that one but that's ok. I'm thrilled to be doing it.

Actually, I've learned some things about myself while doing these contracts. I've analyzed my work more carefully, studied my techniques and tension and really made sure to fit in with the specifications and requirements. I'm feeling much more confident about my crochet abilities and the concept of my craft being something that I claim to be good.

In other news, I totally did the Ravellenics!!! I even got badges!!

That's for doing my Brioche hat!! I so love brioche now, I just need to get some other projects done before starting another one of those..

Oh kay, well, now the beer is kicking in so I think I'll get off the keyboard. LOL.

Take care!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, More Blog

Yay 2014! Of course, we're nearly half-way through January already...but whatever. Things are moving along. Life is always interesting and challenges have their way of popping up when you least expect it. First major challenge is finding a job. Slim pickin's out there for now and the DUA hasn't issued me a check yet. Yeah, TEN WEEKS without a paycheck from a service that I've been paying into for 2.5 decades...

In other news, I've got commissions and a couple of contract knits to worry about. I found out yesterday that my skills will be used for an upcoming book (!!) so I'm just waiting on confirmation, the terms, and eventually yarn. Both of these opportunities will become my primary focus once the supplies are in hand.

As for "Project: Make My Queue 2013", I can state that it was a resounding success! I started with 47 projects in my queue to make. Even with adding, switching, and frogging, it came out to 65 projects!! There are some still in progress too but I can't call them 2013 anymore and are not included in that number. I'm giving myself a big pat on the back for that one! AND that included two sweaters!

Knitting goal for 2014 is to basically knit what I feel but stay organized and, indeed, get more organized. I have a few different queues going this time and I'm using tags appropriately to stay on track. I don't think I'll be making multiples of anything either but my limit of only two pages for my entire queue is still in effect. This will keep me from adding things at random that I know I'll never make. I also plan on doing more designing and colourwork. I think there's an opportunity there that I haven't yet explored.

Completed project count for 2014 so far is 3. Yes, 11 days into the year and I've completed three projects. They were small but still, that's three less things on my queue! This just means I can get back to incomplete projects from the "project wall" and clear out that inventory. I also need to get started on the Master's class since they aren't going to wait yeah, 2014 is off to an ok start. Better than 2013 when I was near death from the Flu. Ha!

A short blog post for now but there'll be more. I've been pretty good about updating regularly so I'm hoping to stay on that as much as possible. Anyone wanting me to knit something for them, please submit your information and request through the link at the top "Request for Quote". I'll get them in an email and get back to you immediately!


Monday, December 30, 2013

Farewell 2013, You Won't be Missed

December 30th, 2013... I'm rather glad this year is over. I'm looking forward to what 2014 will bring. I'm hoping that a new job and a new outlook is just around the corner.

Originally I had planned on a long, drawn out end of year recap. Now, however, that doesn't really suit me right this moment. I'd rather be knitting anyway.

I will say this, I'm hoping to blog more. I'm hoping to knit more for my store and, indeed, get more store up and running for real. Etsy is a great stepping stone but I would rather be a knitter for hire than just making supplies for my inventory. I do have a couple ideas for making that happen though so we'll see.

As for life? Well, it's been less than fabulous since getting laid off. Recent law changes in MA have made all the various processes take exponentially longer and thus I haven't gotten a single check yet. Certainly not a very good way to start a new year.

Goals for 2014:

- Get better at sweaters
- Complete the Master Knitter's evaluation
- Clear out all my current WIP's
- Get my store and KFH site up and running
- Design more!

I guess you can call those "resolutions" if you want but I don't particularly subscribe to that whole thing. These are goals and are attainable with focus and diligence. Resolutions always seem to be more lofty and out of reach. I'll stick to this list and add to it as necessary.

That about does it, then! Kind of a pitiful last post of the year but it serves the purpose. I'm glad of what I've accomplished so far and look forward to the new challenges that await!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#WIPWednesday :: Blogged!

See, I told you, I'd post about my WIP's... lol. There are quite a few though:

1. All the Shades of Truth ( I actually call this one All the Shades of Blue for...well, obvious reasons. I've been working on this one for a while...really should get back to it.

2. Olan ( Technically I'm in the homestretch... but I really need to get back to this one, too. It's about time I finished this one.

3. Tripartite ( 50% done. This is a project that should be done for Spring/Summer since that's when I'll wear it. 

4. Dublin Cap ( Yeah... barely started. Lowest on the list, for now.

5. Chadwick ( Don't even get me started. I wanted to do this one over October but didn't, wanted to get it done since then, and didn't. It's pretty sad...but true.

6. Batad ( Started this not too long ago. Theoretically I could finish this before Christmas. Just need to not work on anything else... You know, this list is getting a little long...

The Cheerios container has my stitch markers in it.
7. Vic's Sweater ( THIS needs to get done for Christmas. I'll be casting on the second sleeve today so that I can then do the collar and get this damn thing put together!

Missing from picture: Sleeve 1
8. Old Forge ( Last but not least! This is the youngest of the projects. Now that it's finally on a circular needle, I should be able to make better headway on it. Sweater first though!

Well... I think that's enough. Time to cast on that sleeve, methinks!!

<3 br="" kobuu="">

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snowflake in a Bottle (Well...Ornament really)

Hey everyone!

I just posted a Christmas present that I came up with. I didn't get the idea from anywhere in particular, just worked with what I had on hand. This is the finished product:

Forgive the messy background but at least you can see the beads! This is actually a really simple project and doesn't really take all that long.

Here are my supplies:

Ok, so the plastic bag is the blocking mat for the snowflake. It's a piece of cardboard with a six pointed stencil drawn on it and then put in a ziploc.
Stiffy fabric stiffener.
The snowflake pattern book.
A couple of short Christmas ornament hangers and a clear plastic ornament. I got mine at the Christmas Tree Shoppe for $1 and you can open it up and take out that tinsel.

The ornament is about 12" around and originally I was going to make multiple motifs to wrap around it. Well, that didn't work out so well. However, I did think that the one motif that I made would fit inside the ball. The snowflake pattern I picked out was 3 1/2" across. The beads were an add-on idea and is not described in the book at all. I used size 10 crochet cotton and a size 7 steel hook.

Once the snowflake is done, and you've woven in all your ends, you'll want to soak it with water. Wring it out and drop in a solution of 1 part water, 3 parts fabric stiffener. If you used full strength, the finished snowflake wouldn't really be pliable and you might crease it rather than just bend it. Pin this to dry overnight on your blocking mat, aligning the points of the snowflake with the points of the stencil.

Once dry, go ahead and open up your ornament and discard that tinsel (who invented that crap anyway). Now, this is a little tricky, carefully, and gently roll up your snowflake so that you can get it through the opening at the top. Don't worry about losing it, it's only going inside the ball and you can easily reach it with your fingers. Let it drop inside, breathe, then get to flattening it out again. This is easily done by putting your fingers in there and pressing the snowflake against the sides of the ball.

After you've gotten the snowflake flattened back out again, use the short Christmas ornament hooks to hang it from the plastic at the top. Seen here in this picture is how I put the two hooks through the same whole but in different directions to get the snowflake to hang freely:

Now that the snowflake is hanging freely inside your ornament, pop the cover back on and voila! A beautiful ornament as a present or for your own tree!!

Let me know if you have questions and feel free to spread this around as much as you'd like!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!
<3 kobuu="" p="">

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Project #MakeMyQueue - An Update (Of sorts)

And you thought I was done. Or had forgotten about it...HAHAHA...

No no, I'm still working on this. Remember I started with 47 projects in my queue. I've added, deleted, switched, frogged and completed a LOT of them. This isn't the rundown post but it's a current count.

Finished projects since January 1: 45!
Holy crap! That's a lot. And I'm not done yet! If you do the math, that's one project every 8 days or so. Not really, but the average. In reality, some only took one day while others took 4 weeks. Even so, I'm applauding myself ::claps:: ok, maybe not really... LOl

Finished #MakeMyQueue projects: 29 (that were labelled as part of this project)
Frogged: 7
WIP: 6
Total: 42
Still to cast on.... well, none. If I get through those 6 WIP's, I'll be happy. Chances are that won't happen though. I'm optimistic but not stupid. Truth be told, I'm tired of Project #MakeMyQueue and I plan on just completing things as I want to.

Today I'm going through my queue, my WIP's and my stash. I've found a few other projects I didn't know I started and I want to start projects not even in my queue! Oi. This never ends. My "2014" queue is already getting too long...